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What is an enchanted party?

An enchanted party is a themed event for birthday parties and other children's gatherings. Parties are welcomed to all guests and are recommended for children in toddler years to preteen.

Performers are hired for entertainment. These personators are carefully trained to portray characters from fairytales to comics in the most accurate way possible. Arrived at the event in costumes or dresses that strongly resembled that character's attire in literature and film. An enchanted performer will interact with children using the iconic personality of the character.

Depending on the party chosen by the host, the performer will be accompanied by a royal helper who brings arts and crafts, games with prizes, and more to entertain the children. There are also many add-ons to choose from, such as dress-up, face painting, balloon animals, and more!


How do I book a party?

It is so easy to book a party with Enchanted Parties San Angelo! To take the first step in your enchanting event, fill out your information using our online party planning form! Or, to get quick results, call us at (325) 340-8483 or (325) 340-7464! We have friendly fairy godmothers and special secret agents waiting on standby to accept your call!

How far in advance should I book my party? Do you accept day before parties?

We recommend booking your party as far in advance as possible. Our characters are extremely popular, so the sooner we know about your party, the better! However, do not hesitate to contact us if your event is coming up soon. We specialize in last-minute events and will do everything we can to make your party enchanting! 

Do you offer any charitable donations or discounts?

Enchanted Parties San Angelo is a locally owned business; we wouldn't see it right not to give back to the community. Our hearts long to spread the enchantment to every child, including those who are underprivileged and less fortunate; therefore, we help out whenever we can. We enjoy working with a variety of nonprofits and with other unique charitable situations. 

For the best response, please email us at to see how we can spread the enchantment at your event!

Our business is not only locally owned but is a veteran family-owned and operated business as well, hence why we have a military discount of 10% for all veteran and current military families.

Do you offer parties for boys?

Absolutely! One of our goals as a business is to bring enchantment to everyone, BOYS INCLUDED! Offering over 40 different characters, we are the largest performer entertainment business with various princesses, superheroes, and more in the San Angelo area. Boys are more than welcome to have an enchanting party!

Does my party have to be at my home?

Not at all. You can host your party just about anywhere! Whether you would like your own kingdom to be the venue or you have rented a hall, park, or other space, our performers will be more than happy to make their grand entrance in the place of your choosing. Outdoor parties are also accepted, but we ask that you please be mindful of the conditions and have a backup plan in place should inclement weather. If you would like, our royal helpers are more than willing to give you ideas on where you may be able to host your event; you can contact them by calling (325) 340-8483 or (325) 340-7464.

What is the ideal age for an enchanted party?

We have found that children of any age will enjoy the magic of a good enchanted party! The most popular age range is 3 to 13 years old. We recommend scheduling your party for three-year-olds and up; however, you know your children better than anyone else, so you would be the best judge of what would make your children happy.

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Why the name "Enchanted Parties San Angelo"?

It is no secret one of the co-owners, Breonna Casey, is a huge Disney fan. Beauty and the Beast being one of her favorite movies, she wanted to name the business something relating to the film. Anyone who has watched the film is aware of Belle, the main protagonist, staying in an enchanted castle. But where the name originated from was actually the Christmas special Disney released for Beauty and the Beast, called The Enchanted Christmas. Despite few people knowing about this special, Breonna was in love with the movie and saw it fit to name her business in honor of it. 

What experience do you have with children?

Each of our performers has had children experience one way or another. Many were babysitters, volunteers at church, and even some dance instructors for children. As for our owners, Donna Casey has been a mother of two for almost nineteen years and has thirty-five years of experience with children and children events. Her daughter and fellow co-owner, Breonna Casey, has babysat children since she was twelve. Not only that, but she has volunteered her time at the Elementary of TLCA and Cornerstone; for three years, she has volunteered her time with children to teach them to dance for their school talent show and has plans to do so for years to come. 

Do your mermaid performers swim underwater?

Yes, not only do our performers swim underwater, but Enchanted Parties San Angelo is the first entertainment business to bring mermaid performers to San Angelo, Texas! Our mermaids are given special training on how to swim with children, perform tricks, and even play games with your children! 

Do you offer video calls?

Yes, we do. We understand long distances can be difficult when you want a performer for your child's special day. For long-distance guests and quarantined guests, we highly recommend our video calls! For your young ones to receive a call from their favorite character will be a special surprise! We have activities to keep the child entertained and host calls for 15 minutes for $25. Although this is suggested for birthday surprises, video calls can be used for holiday specials, play dates, and even special wishes of good luck! 

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